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Board Members, Committee Chairs and Management Company

The HOPPR board members, committee chairs, and management company are committed to our community. We value your feedback. Please feel free to contact us with questions, comments, and input. We are here to make our neighborhood better!

Matt Frishman -
Landscape Chairperson
Debbie Price -
Vice President
Brandon Furman -
Newsletter Editor
Connie Parker & Laura Ahle -
Marcus Ku -
Good Neighbor Chairperson
Eli Baron -
Director at Large
Joel DeLage -
Gary Snyder -
Architectural Committee Chair
John Thune -
Social Chairperson
Beth Kassul -
Crime Watch Chairperson
Ted Hajec -

Website Chairperson
Wanda Dunn -
Report a Crime Watch Incident
Crime Watch
Welcome Committee Chairperson
Dale McGilvray -
CMA Community Management
Dan Estep -
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