Dear neighbors,

We have received so many responses from the recent alert regarding solicitors who are difficult to handle and who have had similar experiences in this neighborhood recently that Ted Hajec contacted the Plano Police department for advise regarding the matter. Below is the result of his inquiry.

I contacted the Plano Police Information Officer, and here is the information about he provided we all can do regarding the solicitor:

Everyone needs to know that when a solicitor is seen in the area, they need to call the Plano Police and have our officers check the person out.

All solicitors are required to obtain a permit and carry a copy with them, along with a photo ID. Failure to do so could result in arrest or a citation being issued. To find out more about solicitor information, you can email and she can answer any questions you might have, including how we go about revoking a permit for violation of rules.

Please do not hesitate to dial 911 and call the police to have them check into issues as such.

If others are interested, I would be glad to setup a meeting with Mark Dawson – he can address any concerns or questions we might have and also provide recommendations on what to do.


Ted Hajec
Crime Watch Chairman
Highlands of Plano Preston Ridge